Alzheimer’s disease – A lethal disease

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a disease wherein a person tends to lose their memory as they begin to grow in age. This disease usually takes place in humans who are over 50 or 60 years of age. It affects the mental part of a human being and completely stops a person’s thinking process.

The progress might be slow or fast in a person, in either way the end result will remain the same as there seems to be no cure yet found out for this deadly disease. As the disease begins to grow in a human brain, they tend to behave like a new born baby who does not remember anything about anybody. These people fail to remember even their immediate family members such as their spouse, children, siblings etc. Moreover, they even tend to forget their name and eventually they will remember nothing.

Those who are having such patients at home are required to provide them with the utmost love and affection though there can virtually be no cure for its treatment. People usually tend to get angry and upset when patients suffering from AD behave in this manner. But, we must remember that this is a disease just like any other disease such as heart disease, lung disease etc. Though there are treatments for heart and lung disease, AD does not have any treatment and a patient’s health tends to deteriorate as they begin to grow in age. The saddest part is that when they leave the world, they carry with them nothing. No sweet memories about their past or about their family members. The increase in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease has only been growing every year across the globe and time and again research is being conducted to find a suitable cure for this deadly disease. Hopefully one day, our scientists will help find the best treatment for this disease which will help thousands of patients across the globe.


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