Alzheimer’s disease – An Old Age Disease

It has been found out that Alzheimer’s disease affects not less than 5.8 million Americans every year. If this is the ratio of the people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease in the United States alone, one can estimate the ratio across the entire globe. It is even said that the number will only keep increasing and by mid century, which is by the year 2050, research conducted says that this disease will affect approximately 16 million Americans every year.

This is a disease which usually occurs in people over 50 years of age and once the disease has been diagnosed, their lives tend to be cut into half. Until today, there has been no cure for this deadly disease. It can be fatal. As the disease begins to progress, patients tend to forget everything. Initially during the starting stage, patients begin to forget simple things that have been told to them but as the disease begins to grow, they even fail to remember and recognize their immediate family members such as their spouse, children etc. They will even forget their own names and there is hardly any cure for such a disease. Alzheimer’s disease is called as a memory loss disease mainly because the disease once takes charge in a human body starts destroying the brain cells one by one.

Nobody would ever wish to end their lives with such a disease as they will end up dying without being able to recognize any members of their family. This disease has been the main cause of study in recent years as it has been found out that the percentage of people being affected by this disease only keeps increasing every year. This disease is not hereditary. It means that in case a member of the family has been diagnosed with this disease; it does not mean that their entire family will suffer eventually. Even heart diseases can be cured but unfortunately there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease.


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