Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s India is a type of disease which can be called as slow poisoning. It does not affect a patient immediately instead it starts affecting the brain cells of a patient as they grow in age. This disease usually occurs in patients who are over 60 years of age.

There is no cure for this kind of disease. Slowly the patient begins to lose their memory and it gets further worsened until the patient dies. Patients affected by Alzheimer’s disease are seen to have memory loss, unable to follow any instructions provided to them, disorientation etc. It is during such times that family members of the patients close to them take care of their illness. There are specially trained caretakers who can be assigned to take care of people suffering from such kind of disease. The main thing one must remember while handling a patient is the need to have patience and control over one’s mind. Most of us tend to shout and scold patients when they lose their memory instantly. We do not realize that, it is the disease that has made this memory loss in the patient for which they are not at all responsible. Therefore, we as guardians of such patients need to have self control of our mind and body and we should not try to overreact to such a situation.

This kind of disease affects very slowly and therefore family members must be prepared to face all the consequences when such a disease affects their loved ones. Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, this kind of disease affects mostly in senior citizens over 60 years of age. Even though there is no complete remedy for Alzheimer’s treatment, doctors will still try to minimize its effect by providing them some kind of medication. For this it is important to know the medical history of the patient.


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