Facts about Alzheimer’s disease

Human body is interconnected and is designed to perform many activities at the same time. Human memory is very crucial in predicting the daily routine performance. There are many factors that determine the performance of human memory. A set of diseases are there which affects the performance of the human brain and these are called as the memory related diseases. One of the diseases is the Alzheimer’s disease or disorder and that is much like the dementia. The disease progresses with the passage of time and as a person gets older and older the disease also matures. There are more than 26 Million patients of this disease worldwide and this number is increasing with each passing second. This disease is a genetic disorder and currently there is no way to control this disorder. The disease is said to affect the people of all sexes and ages and this disease progresses with the passage of time.
The cause of this disease is not fully researched by the scientists. The current research has predicted that this disease can be related with the tangles and plaques in the brain. Current treatment options are also related to the minimization of the symptoms. This disease progresses and there is no available treatment for stopping the progression. As this disease is genetic so it is better to avoid the cousin marriages. The family or cousin marriages are very common in many of the countries in Asia especially Pakistan and India. These marriages are mimicking the causes that lead towards the development of this brain disorder. The genes are inherited from the father and mother chromosomes and these are very important in predicting the disease. This disease is affecting many hundreds and thousands of individual across the world and there is a need to spread the literacy related to the disease.


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