Maintain Your Brain by Lessening the Risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Gosh, the moment we lose our car keys, people tend to say – Oh! Looks like early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Well, it might be just a joke, but it can also be the beginning of this deadly disease. Alzheimer’s disease cannot be taken as a joke. It is a disease where patients forget their name; fails to recognize their family members, forget the place where they are staying etc. In short, the person behaves like a new born baby who does not remember and understand anything.

Here are some tips to help reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s disease affect your health.

1- Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables – Remember how our mom used to force us to eat all the vegetables in our plate during our childhood. Well, they are absolutely right. Research conducted have found out that out of 1,800 men and women over 60 years of age and who drank fruit juice or vegetable juice a minimum of 3 times a week had a lesser chance of catching the Alzheimer’s disease as those who drank one glass per week. The reason is the antioxidants that fruit and vegetable juices contain. Fruits like berry and vegetables such as dark green leafy vegetables, citrus and tomatoes have high levels of antioxidants to help reduce the chance of this deadly disease.

2- Be more active – Try to make friends and remain active. This helps in stimulating the brain cells of the human body which in turn reduces the chances of this disease affect a person. Try to be cheerful and friendly.

3- Brain exercises – Alzheimer’s disease affects the brain and hence, it is important that we exercise our brain by playing brain related games such as puzzles, crosswords, memory and mental activity games etc.

Following the above points will definitely help patients reduce their chances of being affected by Alzheimer’s disease.


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